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Methadone maintenance clinics across the state of Washington have been beneficial in the treatment of those individuals are addicted to heroin, OxyContin, and other opiates for decades. In cities like Seattle, Renton, and Vancouver, multiple methadone clinics exist for the treatment of opiate withdrawal and addiction which, especially now, is one of the nation’s most prevalent drug problems.

Methadone Clinics in Washington

As compared to the average of the entire country, Washington state has a higher instance of drug abuse issues. For example:

  • “Approximately 10 percent of Washington residents reported past-month use of illicit drugs; the national average was 8 percent” (ONDCP).
    • This average includes opiate abuse, that of both illegal drugs like heroin and prescription drugs like hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc.
    • Washington’s rate of past-month use of illicit drugs ranks the state among the ten highest in the country.
    • “3.74 percent of Washington residents reported using an illicit drug other than marijuana in the past month.”
  • “The rate of drug-induced deaths in Washington is higher than the national average.”
    • Many individuals die from drug abuse every day, and opiate abusers are no exception. Addiction to opiates can often lead to overdose, a consequence of which is respiratory depression which can easily cause death.
    • Methadone treatment, according to the CDC, has a better chance of “reducing risk of overdose” than the option of going without treatment.

While Washington does have a higher average of overall drug abuse than many other states, there are ways that someone struggling with opiate abuse can find help. In many instances, individuals who start off taking these drugs recreationally end up needing help in order to stop. Methadone clinics are one of the best treatment options for this issue.

In 2010, heroin was the third most commonly cited drug among primary drug treatment admissions in the state. It fell only behind marijuana and stimulant drugs during this time at just under 3,000 admissions. Because heroin is such a potent drug, it can be extremely difficult to stop abusing it and almost impossible to do so without treatment. Many individuals all over the world are treated for heroin addiction with methadone because

  • They are able to be maintained on methadone instead of expected to stop opiate use completely.
  • They can receive medical care and behavioral treatments as well.
  • They are often helped in finding a job, a place to live, or in other important aspects of life that might have been neglected, especially during long-term heroin abuse.

According to the DOH, “Records of admissions to publicly funded drug-free and opiate substitution treatment programs in Washington show that adult admissions for prescription-type opiate use increased from 1% of admissions in 1999 to 9% in 2009, and then remained constant through 2013.” Methadone treatment is also beneficial for prescription opiate addiction, and many individuals in treatment are able to stop abusing opiates and still avoid withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Methadone clinics are a wonderful resource for those individuals who struggle with opiate abuse and addiction. These clinics can be found in many major Washington cities so search for the one closest to you.

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