Can’t Find a Methadone Doctor? Try These Tips

Methadone, one of the very first medication therapies developed to treat opiate addiction, offers a range of benefits for people coming off long-term opiate addictions. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, methadone’s therapeutic benefits include:

Once the decision to enter methadone treatment is made, all that’s left to do is find a methadone doctor. Fortunately, methadone programs can be found in most every region throughout the country.

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Methadone Maintenance Treatment

methdone maintenance

There are plenty of methadone doctors out there, and we can help you find one.

As a synthetic opiate treatment drug, methadone belongs to the Schedule II class of controlled substances. Consequently, methadone’s use as an opiate addiction treatment therapy falls under strict government regulation. This means, any doctor prescribing methadone has gone through a series of licensing and accreditation requirements.

Doctors eligible to dispense methadone typically work out of methadone clinic programs. According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 1,396 methadone clinics exist within the United States as of 2006.

Since methadone falls under such tight regulations, you’ll first have to locate methadone clinics in your area in order to find a methadone doctor. Once you find a methadone doctor, your participation in methadone maintenance treatment will also follow certain procedures as dictated by the laws governing methadone treatment.

Find a Methadone Doctor – Tips

Physician Referrals

With heroin and prescription pain pill addiction rates steadily rising, the number of methadone clinics continues to increase with each passing year. This should make it easier to find a methadone doctor in your area or region.

Local physicians can be a valuable resource to find a methadone doctor since most physicians work out of healthcare networks. Emergency room physicians will also likely have information on methadone clinics in the area.

Online Sources

Online resources offer quick and easy ways to find a methadone doctor. Many websites provide a search option for looking up methadone clinics in your area.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration houses an extensive database of addiction treatment programs with a range of search features from which to choose. Online sources also include addiction related websites, many of which provide toll-free numbers to call. Phone representatives are there to help you with your search.

Support Groups

Community-based support groups offer another resource to find a methadone doctor. Narcotic Anonymous meetings likely have members who’ve gone through or are currently receiving methadone treatment.

Group members can provide valuable information on the different program available in terms of the types of services they offer. Support group leaders may also be knowledgeable on the types of methadone treatment services available in your area.

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The decision to enter methadone treatment can be wrought with indecision and fear, both of which make the task to find a methadone doctor all the more difficult. The effects of opiate addiction wreak havoc on a person’s decision-making abilities as well as his or her overall emotional state.

Ultimately, addiction recovery is a process that unfolds in stages. Once you find a methadone doctor and start treatment, things may well get a little bit easier along the way.

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