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According to the ONDCP, “In 2007-2008, West Virginia was one of the top ten states for rates in several drug-use categories among young adults age 18-25.” These categories are:

  • Past-year use of cocaine
  • Past-month use of illicit drugs other than marijuana
  • Illicit drug dependence

The latter two categories include the abuse of opiate drugs both illegal and prescription-based which can potentially cause addiction, physical and psychological dependence, and deadly overdose. While the abuse of these drugs is currently a weighty issue in West Virginia, there are also many treatment options available, including methadone maintenance.

Methadone Clinics in West Virginia

Methadone is an long-term treatment method for opiate addiction that has existed since the 1960s. The treatment is especially beneficial for those individuals who abuse heroin.  According to the DOJ, “Heroin poses a low but increasing threat to West Virginia. Heroin abuse levels in West Virginia are low; however, state and local law enforcement officials report that abuse is increasing in cities such as Martinsburg and Weirton where the drug is being abused as a substitute for OxyContin,” another opiate drug.

While heroin abuse is on the rise in West Virginia, the most pressing issue currently involves prescription opiate abuse. The data of drug abuse treatment episodes in West Virginia in 2009 show “that opiates, including prescription drugs, are the most commonly cited drugs among primary drug treatment admissions in the state” at 1,600. Many other states show a higher number of marijuana abuse treatment episodes which makes West Virginia’s data rather unusual and disconcertingly high when it comes to opiate abuse.

The high rate of opiate abuse in West Virginia calls for treatment options, especially in those areas that are most at risk for above average drug abuse rates. Cities like Charleston and Parkersburg, as well as Martinsburg and Williamson, have one or more treatment clinics available, many of which dispense methadone. Methadone helps many patients stop abusing illicit opiates and get their lives back on track.

The use of methadone also helps to minimize the risk of relapse which makes treatment much safer, as relapse can often result in overdose and death in recovering individuals. The ONDCP states, “The rate of drug-induced deaths in West Virginia is higher than the national average. McDowell County in West Virginia has the 5th highest rate of drug poisoning deaths in the country, at 38.3 deaths per 100,000 population.” Cities in nearby counties can offer methadone treatment that does not require residents to travel far in order to receive treatment.

Methadone maintenance

  • Is an easy, daily treatment regimen that also includes therapy and other treatment types.
  • Allows patients to work, attend school, live at home, and live comfortably without the painful effects of opiate withdrawal.
  • Can be continued as long as it is necessary for and beneficial to the patient.
  • Can be found in many treatment facilities across West Virginia.

If you are considering attending treatment for your opiate addiction, methadone maintenance may be the choice for you. Search for the clinic nearest to you and call for more information about their policies, prices, and treatment options.

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