Methadone Doctors in Colorado

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The Centennial State experiences a higher than national average level of drug induced deaths each year. Many of these deaths are the result of heroin and other opiates which cause serious physical dependence. Colorado methadone doctors do their part to combat opiate dependence by providing medication assisted treatment that helps to reduce withdrawal, eliminate cravings and restore stability into the lives of those involved.

Methadone Doctors in Colorado

Methadone is a synthetic opioid that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of opioid dependence. When the medication is properly prescribed by a methadone doctor, it can restore normal function for the user allowing him or her to live a normal, drug free lifestyle that is no longer controlled by cravings and a desire to combat withdrawal symptoms.

In Colorado, Methadone doctors can prescribe this medication in moderate doses that are adjusted according to the severity of the user’s addiction, the size and weight of the user and various other factors. Colorado’s Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program maintains a database of the number of controlled substance prescriptions that are dispensed throughout the state which includes data on methadone prescribing that takes place for the treatment of heroin or prescription painkiller addiction. While this database is helpful in controlling the over-prescribing of medications that can lead to further dependence and dangers, it has also placed strict limitations on the ability for doctors to prescribe methadone unless they are accredited to do so.

Despite regulations on prescribing, methadone doctors in Colorado continue to work hard to properly prescribe doses of methadone that will help users to overcome their physical addiction problems. Recognizing that each and every individual who seeks help has a different story to tell, Methadone doctors in Colorado thoroughly examine and review each case of methadone maintenance treatment on an individual basis to ensure the safety and effective treatment for the patient.

If you or someone you know is addicted to heroin or prescription painkillers, call our helpline at 800-891-9360 to talk with a methadone referral specialist. We can help you find methadone doctors in Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver and other towns throughout Arkansas. Kicking the habit is possible—help is available near you!

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