Finding an Affordable Methadone Clinic in Florida

Anyone who’s abused opiates on a regular or long-term basis well knows how these drugs can take over a person’s life without him or her even knowing it. More often than not, by the time users seek out needed treatment help, addiction severity has a reached a point where standard drug treatment approaches offer little to no help.

Over the last 10 years, an opiate addiction epidemic has swept the nation and leaving an imprint on Florida as well. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Florida saw an 89 percent increase in heroin-related fatalities between 2011 and 2012 and a 10 percent increase in prescription opiate abuse during the same time.

Methadone treatment is specifically designed to address the level of addiction severity that chronic and long-term opiate abuse breed. While effective, for many people, the costs associated with methadone treatment run too high to be affordable.

Considering how opiate abuse effects continue to ravage a person’s daily life when left untreated, being able to find an affordable methadone clinic in Florida can ultimately mean the difference between life and death.

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Methadone Clinic Costs

Methadone Clinic in Florida

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Affordability can easily become a deciding factor when it comes to whether a person will get help for an addiction problem. On average, costs for a methadone clinic Florida run around $17.78 per day. For someone who’s unemployed or has family obligations to meet, getting needed treatment help becomes unattainable.

Affordability Factors to Consider When Choosing a Methadone Clinic in Florida

Low Cost and No-Cost Options

Low cost and no-cost options may be more prevalent than most people think considering the large amount of funding resources government agencies allocate for substance abuse treatment. Most public health care agencies and community-based health centers offer treatment help at no cost or on sliding fee scales based on a person’s monthly income.

Eligibility for Government-Sponsored Insurance

Recent changes in health care law now require government-sponsored health insurance carriers, such as Medicaid, Social Security Disability and Medicare to provide coverage benefits for mental health and substance abuse services. Changes implemented as of 2014 through the Affordable Care Act require government-sponsored plans to cover costs for a methadone clinic in Florida at the same rates as any other form of medical treatment.

5 Tips for Choosing Between Local Methadone Clinics

Your Health Insurance Plan

People who currently have a health insurance plan, be it through an employer or an individual plan, can use their coverage benefits to cover a good portion of costs for a methadone clinic in Florida, according to For employer-sponsored plans in particular, this can work out well in terms of the added legal protections for people in recovery in terms of their employment status goes.


Overall, most anyone can afford a methadone clinic in Florida considering the range of assistance options available today. What’s most important is taking the necessary steps to get into a treatment program sooner rather than later as opiate addictions only get worse with time.

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