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Maine ranks very high in the nation for the number of treatment admissions reported for those in search of help overcoming addiction to prescription opiates and to heroin. Maine Methadone doctors do their part to prevent further abuse and misuse of opiates by assisting patients in overcoming prescription painkiller addiction through medication assisted treatment. Using methadone, those who are otherwise addicted to heroin or opiates such as Oxycontin are able to restore stability and balance into their lives and take the very important steps in the direction of recovery.

Methadone Doctors in Maine

Maine Methadone Treatment

Maine, like other states in the nation, is taking action against the over-prescribing of prescription painkillers. As such, many residents who were once addicted to painkillers are now turning to the more affordable and easier to obtain illicit street drug, heroin, to fuel their habit. Unfortunately, despite the actions that Maine law enforcement, doctors and pharmacists take to combat the drug problem that is causing so many issues in Maine, residents continue to become addicted and often to even harsher or more dangerous drugs as they continue on.

Methadone doctors in Maine have a solution to opiate addiction—medication assisted treatment that helps to reduce cravings, minimizes withdrawal symptoms and dramatically improves the chances of recovery for the user. Methadone is a prescription medication that can only be prescribed by a qualified Methadone doctor. In Maine, methadone doctors can be found in Portland, Waterville, Bangor and most major cities throughout the state. No matter where you live, there’s likely a methadone clinic or doctor nearby that can help you kick start your recovery.

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