Will Methadone Clinics in Chicago Treat Someone Who’s Pregnant?

Living with opiate addiction can be a heartbreaking experience, watching one’s life fall apart while feeling helpless to do anything about it. When pregnant, this sense of heartbreak takes on a whole new meaning.

Chronic opiate addiction rates have brought on a rash of overdose fatalities throughout the United States, with Illinois rates rising considerably over the past decade, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. In effect, an addiction left untreated places both mother and developing fetus at increasing risk of overdose with each passing day.

The damaging effects of opiate abuse extend past the health of the mother, harming a developing fetus as well. Fortunately, methadone clinics Chicago can treat expectant mothers and have ample experience in doing so.

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Methadone Treatment vs. Going Cold Turkey

Methadone Clinics in Chicago

Methadone treatment is much safer for the mother and unborn baby than going cold turkey.

An unexpected pregnancy can be stressful under the best of circumstances. For a woman struggling with opiate addiction, desperation and poor decision-making can easily take hold. Likewise, trying to go cold turkey while pregnant can actually place a developing fetus in considerable danger.

Methadone is one of a handful of opiate addiction treatment medications that’s considered safe to use during pregnancy. According to National Academies Press, methadone produces no toxic effects in the mother or the developing fetus. Overall, the therapeutic benefits methadone clinics in Chicago can offer addicted, expectant mothers provides a safe and effective alternative to the dangers of stopping drug use on one’s own.

Methadone Treatment Benefits

Methadone’s treatment benefits derive from its ability to stabilize the brain’s chemical environment, which is essential to healthy fetal development. Treatment effects also help the mother abstain from compulsive drug use while preventing the body from going into withdrawal for as long as she remains in treatment, according to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration. Since withdrawal episodes pose a considerable threat to the fetus’ health, methadone’s therapeutic benefits greatly increase the likelihood of carrying to term.

Treatment Process Used by Methadone Clinics in Chicago

During the course of treatment, methadone clinics in Chicago follow strict protocols for methadone dosing procedures and monitoring for withdrawal discomfort. As methadone’s effectiveness relies heavily on finding the right dosage amount, extra care has to be taken due to how the body’s metabolism rates fluctuate during pregnancy.

Methadone clinics in Chicago also require patients to attend ongoing behavioral-based treatments. Behavioral treatment works to help a person work through the underlying emotional issues that drive compulsive drug-using behaviors while developing healthy coping skills for dealing with everyday life.


The hold that opiate addiction exerts over a person’s will and behaviors can become a source of tremendous guilt and frustration for an expectant mother. Without some form of treatment help, the risk of delivering prematurely or having a miscarriage increases with each passing day. Ultimately, the benefits provided by methadone clinics in Chicago can change your life for the better as well as the life of your baby.

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