15 Heroin Addiction Recovery Facts That Can Be Your Reality After Treatment

On some days, the road to recovery from heroin addiction might sound bleak, maybe even impossible…

It’s on days like this that you need uplifting recovery facts to fuel your continued persistence to push forward and keep trying.

For the majority of people, treatment for heroin abuse allows them to get back to leading a fulfilling and passionate life.

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1. The Number of People Needing Treatment Is Rising–so You’re not Alone!

23.5 million people over the age of 12 needed treatment for drugs or alcohol in 2009. This number has been increasing for years.

2. Not Enough People Are Getting Treatment–again, You’re not Alone

Heroin Addiction Recovery

You don’t have to battle heroin addiction alone; get treatment help today!

2.6 million people got treatment at a specialty facility, which is only 11.2 percent of the people that needed it. Be one of the select few and stop letting heroin control your life.

3. The Number of People Addicted to Heroin Is Rising

20 percent of people admitted for drug abuse treatment took heroin or other opiates, while 14.1 percent heroin only. This means that you certainly won’t be the only heroin addict in treatment.

4. There are More Effective Treatment Options Now than Ever Before

In October 2010, scientists created a new, longer lasting naltrexone dose. It can last for six to eight weeks instead of hours or days, eliminating the need for daily doses or complicated administration schedules.

5. Medications Help Reduce HIV Risk

Methadone and buprenorphine reduced the number of AIDS/HIV cases among heroin users when taken as advised by a doctor.

6. More Strategies to Help than Ever Before

There are more strategies than ever to prevent heroin abuse. The MORE Project, Project Venture, LifeSkills Training, and PROSPER are all organizations or methods used to stop drug abuse.7.

7. Treatment Helps Stop Drug Use

Perhaps the most important of these heroin addiction recovery facts is that going into treatment can stop your drug use habits. As long as you stay dedicated to your treatment for an extended period of time, there’s a great chance you’ll soon be living a drug-free life.

8. Treatment Decreases Criminal Activity

People who remain in treatment extended period of time see a decrease in their criminal activity rates, helping them stay out of jail and in less trouble with the law.

9. Treatment Improves Workplace Functioning

People who remain in treatment extended period of time improve their workplace functioning. This means you’ll be better able to hold a job and excel at occupational expectations.

10. Treatment Improves Your Social Life

People who remain in treatment extended period of time improve their social life. You’ll be able to make new friends, go out for social engagements, and just enjoy life more.

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11. Treatment Improves Your Cognitive Abilities

People who remain in treatment extended period of time improve their psychological functioning, meaning you will be able to process information better, control your emotions, and get rid of brain fog.

12. Treatment Reduces Domestic Violence

Effective treatment can reduce domestic violence rates. With a safer home environment, you’ll be less likely to turn to drugs for an escape.

13. Treatment Reduces Accident Risk

Effective treatment can reduce risk of accidents, car crashes, drug-related fires, and other accidental incidents. Because you’ll be in full awareness of your surroundings, it makes it easier to follow safety procedures.

14. Treatment Improves Your Health

Obviously, effective treatment can improve your health by decreasing need for hospital visits, ER visits, and doctor visits. This will save you money as well.

15. Treatment Improves Your Academic Performance

Because you’ll be able to think clearer, your performance in school will definitely be improved.

After reading all of these heroin addiction recovery facts, you should realize that getting treatment is the right way to go.

With all of these benefits to reap, why stay on heroin another day?

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