Helping Your Wife Choose Recovery

If your wife has been abusing drugs or alcohol to the point of dangerous side effects and addiction, it has likely taken a toll on both of your lives as well as your relationship. Helping your wife choose recovery is the best step for you to take in order to ensure that you are both able to create better lives for yourselves and a more stable marriage. Call 800-891-9360(Who Answers?) now to find rehab options that will help your spouse end her substance abuse.

Understand the Facts

It is important to note that women have specific needs when it comes to recovery and treatment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Many life circumstances predominate in women as a group, which may require a specialized treatment approach.” In addition, other factors that affect women especially can influence their treatment process, such as:

Helping Your Wife

Promise to provide continued support through your wife’s treatment.

Women are also likely to develop marijuana use disorder (and other drug abuse disorders) more quickly than men, as well as anxiety disorders and panic attacks (NIDA). Knowing which of these issues may affect your wife and the kind of treatment she will need can help you aid her more effectively in recovering from her addiction.

Discuss the Issue

It is important to discuss the issue calmly and honestly in order to help your wife realize that she has a substance abuse problem and that professional treatment is the only way for this issue to end.

It is important not to become hostile or upset if at all possible when discussing your wife’s addiction, as it she may be likely to exhibit these feelings when the issue is raised.

Make sure to talk to her at a time when you won’t be interrupted and to make it very clear what choosing recovery will entail. Finding a treatment option beforehand is important in order to keep her from promising to seek help and not following through, but you must be prepared for her to deny the issue and clearly state the consequences of this reaction. Then, make sure to keep your promise to enforce those consequences.

It is important also to assure your wife that you love her and will support her through her treatment program. This will also make her more likely to choose treatment, as she will feel less alone and less nervous about failing in her recovery.

The NIDA states, “Family and friends can play critical roles in motivating individuals with drug problems to enter and stay in treatment,” and your support will be crucial to her during this time.

Find a Treatment Program for Her

As previously stated, finding a rehab center for your spouse before you start discussing the issue of her addiction can be very significant in the success of that discussion.

Your wife will be more likely to seek help if you show her you have already found a rehab center that caters to her needs and allows her to recover in the best way for her. Call 800-891-9360(Who Answers?) now to locate the best addiction treatment option for your wife and to learn more about addiction, recovery, and rehab.

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