The Benefits of Methadone on Heroin Addiction

For years now, Methadone addiction treatment has been used to help individuals with an addiction to drugs such as heroin. If you or a loved one are struggling with such an addiction, then you may be considering what the next steps are for your recovery.

Methadone treatment is one of the options you have to consider, as it holds many benefits to help with addiction.

It Works in the Same Brain Receptors as Heroin

Heroin Addiction

Methadone reduces withdrawal symptoms so you can focus on creating a new, healthier life.

According to NIDA, the reason that Methadone is so effective in treating heroin addiction is because Methadone takes up the same brain receptors as heroin, but without the negative effects of heroin. Methadone will not intoxicate the user, interfere with daily life, or create craving withdrawals that lead to addiction.

Methadone presents a relatively safer option compared to taking heroin, as long as Methadone is administered safely and the appropriate amount is used each time. It is important that the patient follows the guidance of an experienced physician when using Methadone treatment, as misuse can lead to serious side effects.

Helps Patients Return to Stability

Since Methadone reduces the cravings that an addict will have for heroin, one can combine Methadone treatment with behavioral therapies to achieve the best possible recovery results. By drawing addicts away from the addictive substance and teaching them to cope in other ways, as well as reducing the craving symptoms, the addict can now create a better, healthier life for themselves and their families.

This is an important step to recovering your life and  If you are interested in seeking a treatment option that can help you turn your life around, call 800-891-9360(Who Answers?) to speak with a specialist about the options available for your particular situation.

How Will Methadone Treatment Stop Me From Using Heroin?

The Myth of Swapping Addictions

According to a study reported by NCBI, one common criticism is that Methadone treatment is simply trading one addiction for another by transitioning from heroin to Methadone. However, such critics fail to distinguish the differences between an individual’s relationships with each substance.

With a heroin addiction, the user’s relationship with the substance is all-consuming and debilitating, often hindering their ability to fully live life. With Methadone treatment, however, the user’s relationship with that substance is in support of a better life, and there are no cravings that control their daily life.

While there may be a dependency upon Methadone in order to prevent relapse into heroin addiction, it will not cause the same negative effects that heroin addiction brings. While Methadone treatment is not a cure-all for heroin addiction, its long-standing record of treating addiction proves the effectiveness in reducing harm caused by drugs.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and are interested in Methadone treatment or behavioral therapy, just call 800-891-9360(Who Answers?) to speak with a caring specialist who can answer any of your questions and concerns. With such a serious disease and treatment option, it is always important to have the guidance and advice of a professional to ensure your best health and recovery.

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